Tattoo Machines & Tattoo Guns


About Tattoo Machines & Tattoo Guns

As specialist suppliers in the tattoo and piercing industry we have used have our extensive knowledge to build up a stock of high quality tattoo equipment. Our large range of tattoo guns and machines includes both rotary and coil models. We understand that every tattoo artist needs equipment of the highest standard therefore we ensure that we stock only the best products so that you can create exceptional tattoo art.

We are proud to provide a huge selection of tattoo guns that will suit each artist’s preference of weight, look, style and, of course, budget. We offer the finest rotary tattoo machines in the industry from brands such as Skin 2, Nedz and Paulo Cruzes. We also supply incredible Cheyenne tattoo machines and accessories; whatever you are looking for we are sure to have the product in our range to suit you. All of our tattoo guns and tattoo machines are available directly from our warehouse located in Walsall and we are dedicated to with fast delivery.

Tattoo Machines: At Body Shock, we've spent the last 25 years building up strong relationships with only the best tattoo machine and tattoo gun manufacturers. We pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers only the highest quality tattoo machines, at the most competitive prices.

Machine Spares: Body Shock are also able to supply you with every spare part you can possibly need to maintain your tattoo equipment, not only do we offer some of the highest quality spares from Workhouse we have also put together our own range of great value spares that we are happy to put our name to.

If you require more information in regards to our range of tattoo machines and tattoo guns please get in contact with us as we are happy to answer any queries and provide you with knowledgeable advice.