The Importance of Hygiene in Tattoo Parlours



It goes without saying that hygiene is a vital part of all tattoo parlours. All tattoo artists know it, and most act accordingly – however, the truth is that not all parlours are safe, and the public perception of tattoo artists can suffer because of this.




Hygiene is not just a way to reduce the risk of infection, but also to prevent the transmission of diseases through needles. By improving hygiene standards, you can also help improve the public’s perception about tattoos, and maybe even convert the undecided people into getting inked.

Public Perception

People’s ideas about tattoos are already changing; they used to be attributed to tribal communities or outlaws, while now it has become more acceptable for people to get tattooed. Still, no matter how popular they seem to become, not everyone seems to think tattoos are safe – whether because of the ink itself, such as the use of UV ink tattoos, or because of the idea that tattoos are not hygienic.

Further changing the way people view the tattoo world means ensuring that parlours have high standards of hygiene. This is because your customers might stay away from your shop if they don’t believe your needles are sterilised or your ink is of high quality. Maintaining clean premises is important for this as well, as it gives a good first impression.

Good hygiene can help a business tremendously, then. It’s not just the reduced risk of infection that benefits both artists and customers alike, but also how it informs the public of the safety of tattoos – and piercings.


Hygiene Ratings

For a long time it was considered that tattoo parlours should be rated according to their hygiene standards, just like restaurants were, until that became a reality. A tattoo parlour in South Wales took it seriously and volunteered to be graded according to its hygiene standards, becoming the first in the UK to receive such a rating from the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme, in 2014.


And they’re not alone. Blackpool Council also introduced a hygiene rating system for piercing and tattoo artists, with the intention of transmitting transparency to the public – and assuring great hygiene conditions.

This means that customers can see the certificate sticker that indicates a parlour does indeed follow good hygiene practices, meaning they’re more likely to drive more customers. After all, a study by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health showcased that out of 168 people, 93% of them would only use a tattoo parlour if it had obtained the highest mark in the hygiene rating.

Tattoo artists agree that this is a good thing, with 80% considering that it would improve their businesses. It’s clear to see how you could benefit from such a system: not only do tattoo parlours’ standards go up with the introduction of a certification, but customers’ confidence will increase, which is likely to result in the expansion of your business.


Good hygiene practises are incredibly important in tattoo parlours, and they can greatly benefit your business, meaning they should be observed at all times. The introduction of hygiene ratings is, therefore, a fantastic way to ensure that the public is informed of how parlours work and that they don’t need to be afraid of getting a tattoo!