Are Name Tattoos A Good Idea? The Pros and Cons of Inking One on Your Client


Name tattoos have been a popular request of the tattooing world ever since its inception. The craze – which admittedly has been around for generations after initially picking up steam during World War One – generally sees clients opting for the name of their current partner. However, it’s not uncommon for people to pay homage to someone they have lost, or to a family member when choosing the ink.



The question is: should you support someone’s decision to have a name permanently tattooed on their skin? As the artist – not to mention the one in possession of the tattoo supplies necessary to make the design – you have an obligation to decide where you stand on name tattoos. With this in mind, here are some pros and cons to weigh up as you consider your stance.




1. Duty of Care

Every tattoo artist has a duty of care towards their clients. This generally covers the likes of injury and negligence, rather than saying ‘no’ to every design that you don’t approve of. There is an element of trusting the decision your client has made – even if you wouldn’t choose it yourself. Don’t forget, each customer is another opportunity to grow your business and build a client base, so you should generally try to be respectful and keen to oblige with what they have decided upon.

2. Optimism

You have probably experienced clients regretting their choice of ink in your time as an artist. People’s tastes change with time, and a design or tattoo choice they had done years ago may seem a mistake now; however, the process of getting a tattoo should be one that’s happy and exciting. Getting a name tattoo is a deeply personal choice, and behind many of these tattoos is a story worth telling.


3. Reconsideration

When inking a client, the worst case scenario is that they come to regret the tattoo. This can be deflating for you as the artist – not to mention frustrating for the customer down the line. Luckily, name tattoos – which can be small and simple – are generally amongst the easiest to redesign.


Look no further than Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, who previously had the names of his exes, Amber Heard and Winona Ryder, tattooed on his skin. He managed to change both without needing all the ink to be removed, so your clients could also go down this route if worse comes to worse.




1. Expertise

Never underestimate your experience as a tattoo artist. You’ll have picked up a lot of invaluable knowledge about the world of ink during your career – something that your clients should really take into account. You could, for instance, suggest alternative designs for people to consider. For example, how about a symbol to acknowledge someone rather than an actual name? Offering a creative alternative helps you to do your job more effectively

2. Reputation

Your clients are a walking/talking portfolio of your work. They are arguably the best way to extend your brand and build your reputation in the industry. Due to this, allowing someone to get a tattoo that you don’t really endorse can lead to your name being damaged down the line. This could hinder your opportunity to grow and progress in your career

So Where Do You Stand?

You should try to have a clear idea of where you stand on name tattoos as you try to build your brand and improve your reputation in the community. That said, you can always assess each client on a case-by-case basis. In the meantime, be sure to get hold of all the equipment you need for your tattoo business by checking out the stock at Body Shock.

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