Tattoo & Body Piercing Supplies

Here at Body Shock, we love body modification and the world of body art. Our extremely wide range of products not only includes tattoo equipment, tattoo inks and accessories, but a clinically proven selection of after-care products and a full range of modern and stylish studio supplies to meet all your tattoo and piercing needs.

We are one of the world's leaders of tattoo and body piercing supplies, specialising in only the finest quality tattoo equipment. As a large Body Shock family of companies, we are an international organisation with offices, warehouses and factories based in both Europe and the USA.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality tattoo and piercing equipment to professional tattoo artists and body piercers all over the world, and are proud to have been at the forefront of tattooing for over 25 years.

Our tattoo equipment and body piercing supplies are some of the best-sourced materials, providing our clients with the greatest quality and product care to promote the safest supplies on today's market. Our UK-based factory manufactures all body piercing jewellery, tattoo grips and tattoo tips in high-quality materials including stainless steel and other exotic alloys.

Our body jewellery encompasses the most popular, on trend and fashionable body piercing jewellery, offering all ranges available in the finest grade titanium and surgical stainless steel options.

At Body Shock, the haven for professional body artists, we exhibit and attend regular fashion exhibitions and conventions throughout Europe, USA and the Far East to ensure our clients receive the most up-to-date styles, latest developments and newly designed products from around the tattoo and body piercing supplies world. By attending such conventions, Body Shock has formed long-lasting relationships with respectful supply partners, and is the proud stockist and distributor of many leading brand names, including:

  • Intenze Ink

  • Eternal Ink

  • Cheyenne Products

  • Kuro Sumi Ink

  • Spirit Paper

  • Critical

  • Stencil Stuff
  • Tattoo Goo
  • Workhouse Machines

  • Dynarex Medical Supplies

  • Tattoo Therapy Aftercare

  • Emu Oil

And many more! Ensuring our ability to guarantee the highest quality, contemporary design and original tattoo and body piercing equipment to our customer.

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