3 Most Frequently Regretted Tattoos


We love tattoos here at Body Shock. As a leading supplier of tattoo supplies and ink, this isn’t something that will come as a huge surprise to most people. We love looking at all the fantastic designs, especially those that are unique and original. Tattooing is a brilliant way for people to express their creativeness, person experiences and achievements in life. However, there are some designs that are probably best kept away from the body. These are usually the ones that haven’t been thought out enough beforehand and end up being one big regret. We don’t believe in bad tattoos but these are the ones that seem to be most frequently regretted by people.

The Name of Your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This is probably the number one reason for why a lot of people regret getting a tattoo. They’re in love, they think they will be with this person forever – so they get their name tattooed on their arm in a cute little heart. Fast forward a few years and you would like to forget the name of this person, but you can’t – their name is tattooed on you as a constant reminder. Oops. We think that you should avoid getting the name of someone tattooed onto any part of your body - even if you think it's true love at the time.

Tattoo Shaking Hand

A Misspelled Quote

That meaningful quote on your leg looks amazing...until you realise that it’s actually spelt wrong. Did you accidently write it down wrong? Did you get it done by a tattoo artist who isn’t reputable? There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours in a chair to realise that your perfect tattoo isn’t quite as perfect as you hoped. This is a very embarrassing problem for a lot of people. If you insist on having a quote tattoo, make sure you take the time to double check that it's spelt correctly.

Chinese Symbols

A lot of people love the idea of getting something tattooed on their body that is in a different language – most commonly spelt out through Chinese symbols. Whilst they can look awesome, the problem is that not a lot of people actually know what it says. How do you know that the quote you’ve just got on your arm, doesn’t actually translate to something completely different? Unfortunately, this is a reality for a lot of people. If you can't read what your tattoo says, we think it's probably best choosing something different.

We hate hearing about tattoos having to be removed, which is we advise everyone to think it through completely beforehand.

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