Niobium Body Jewellery


About Niobium Body Jewellery

Our knowledge of the tattoo and body piercing industry allows us to supply artists with a huge range of high quality products, including our popular niobium body jewellery. This material, despite bearing a strong resemblance to titanium jewellery, is softer and heavier, and doesn’t need the addition of other metals to be moulded into beautiful-looking jewellery.

Versatile Niobium Body Jewellery

Niobium body jewellery is perfect for people with allergies to certain metals - since it has a very low chance of causing an allergic reaction - making it the perfect choice of jewellery for any piercing enthusiast.

Niobium is one of the more exclusive materials when it comes to body art. With a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes, there’s plenty for you and your client to choose from.

High Quality Niobium Products

We supply artists all over the world with our high quality Niobium Daith Hearts. Coming in 14 different colours, we are sure to have the perfect niobium article to suit even the most niche of tastes.

Our Niobium Hearts can be used alongside other jewellery articles, such as our segment rings. This body jewellery is perfect for first-timers and piercing-pros, so no matter who your customers are, you can provide the right product.

Contemporary Body Art Products

At Body Shock we take pride in keeping our finger on the pulse of the body art industry, keeping you up to date with the latest developments , as well as different styles from around the world. This enables us to not only offer you the widest possible range of contemporary body jewellery, but continually develop the services we provide.

If you’re interesting in knowing more about our niobium body jewellery products, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have; so get in touch! A member of our expert team is always on hand to help provide you with our trademark customer service.