Titanium Body Jewellery


About Titanium Body Jewellery

When selling a body piercing service, you want to be sure that your equipment is top-notch; designed to give your clients the best experience and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust and quality. To achieve this, you should use high-quality piercing guns alongside a hypoallergenic material for the jewellery.

Why You Should Stock Titanium Body Jewellery

If your client suffers from an allergic reaction to one of your pieces of jewellery, they may struggle to trust you with their future piercings and purchases. You can avoid this by stocking high-grade body jewellery to present to your customers after their piercings to ensure that their healing process is smooth and efficient.

Why Titanium is Great for Piercing

There are some metals that cause allergic reactions in many humans if worn for a prolonged time. This can happen with any metal, but is common with lead and nickel – unfortunately, nickel is often found in low-grade jewellery sold by independent and big businesses alike, so it is important for you to find a jewellery seller that you can trust.

Titanium, like niobium, is an inert metal, meaning it is quite unlikely to cause the allergic response that lead, or nickel will in your clients. This means that it is a very safe material to use for a first- or new-piercing zone. The body will be able to heal around an inert piercing like titanium, but it might try to fight a reactive metal like nickel which can cause inflammation and blistering.

Our Titanium Jewellery

Our titanium body jewellery is manufactured with great care; you won’t find any dangerous materials lurking in our beautiful titanium pieces. Titanium is as strong as steel and half as dense, as well as being incredibly resistant to corrosion therefore it is not going to react with to the wearer’s bodily fluids or quickly oxidise.

Because titanium is such a fine choice for a healing piercing, we have a large variety of studs, rings and bars available in this material for you to stock in your studio. If you have any requests or questions about our current stock; please contact us for more information.