Tattoo Needles


About Tattoo Needles

Body Shock’s Needles

Any reputable tattoo artist knows that choosing the right needle is key to how the tattoo will turn out and how the tattoo will heal, that's why we have spent many hours testing and re-testing the needles that we have selected to offer.

Our standard Body Shock needles are manufactured using stainless steel and are sterilised using EO gas, then individually wrapped in blister packs for complete protection.

Each Box contains between 30-50 pre-made sterile needles. Tattoo with confidence, tattoo with Body Shock Needles!

VIP Series Tattoo Needles

VIP Series Needles are undoubtedly the most impressive tattoo needle available on the market. We are proud to present a best-in-class product, truly outstanding compared to many other needles.

Each configuration includes the same razor-sharp, flexible and long taper needles of improved strength, grouped together with the highest possible precision.

Cheyenne Needle Cartridges

The Cheyenne cartridge system has been ground-breaking within the tattoo industry. The needle punctures are cleaner, more precise and easier on the skin.

The needle cartridge comes in an individual sterile package with a safety membrane reducing the chance of the tattoo supplies becoming infected by any foreign objects.