Tattoo Trends of 2017

 Tattoo Trends of 2017

There are many tattoo lovers who enjoy the permanent inking and design etched across their body. To many, it is a way to express their thoughts and emotions about something or someone they love.

Every year there seems to be new trends for tattoos that spread across the world and everybody seems to ask tattoo artists for this design. Here are the trends that are set to hit 2017.


The running paint effect is a huge trend nowadays and is set to get bigger throughout the year. The blend of the watercolours looks amazing to the eyes. One individual that springs to mind who has this trend of tattoo is Ed Sheeran.

Clocks and Watches

Pocket watches and clocks are highly asked for tattoos within the industry, and these seem to be close to having their day. Instead, clocks and watches are replacing it as the new big trend. This new style looks amazing on the skin, and can be a great beginning to a sleeve.

Black Out

Full black tattoos are becoming a huge trend in 2017. Seeing this tattoo on somebody really sets a statement for their body. People have been having this type of tattoo for years, but it’s only recently this trend has boomed. Having full black ink on the skin is really simple for a tattoo artist but can be particularly effective.


Mandala tattoos are a huge trend and are set to be even more popular throughout 2017. It can be a complicated design for a tattoo artist to complete, but, if done well, these designs look stunning.

Fine Lines

Fine line tattoos have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that more tattoo artists are willing to do them. This popular trend looks fantastic in photographs, but the only issue is the longevity of them, due to being such fine lines.

Lion Portraits

This is a trend that has become huge and is set to stay in 2017. People are opting for more realistic lion portraits on their bodies, whether big or small, these are a highly popular choice for individuals. Many celebrities have shown off their lion tattoos, including Cara Delevigne and again Ed Sheeran.

Trends Going Out

But with new trends coming in, that makes room for older trends coming out. These are trends that have had their day.

Zodiac Signs

These were a huge trend years ago, but as the years have passed, so have the trends. Zodiac signs are on their way out.

Chinese Lettering

Years ago, Chinese character tattoos were one of the biggest trends. Everyone seemed to want to have this style of tattoo to represent a symbol of ‘strength’ or somebody’s name. These have had their day and are on their way out of the trending world.


These plain and simple tattoos are on their way out as they lack excitement. With today’s designs, people are opting for tattoos that stand out and make statements.

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