Body Shock to Stock 'Skin Lock'

Here at Body Shock we’re proud to announce that we have secured the exclusive distribution rights to two massive brands in the tattoo industry. Over the next two blogs we are going to tell you all about these cool products, and how they will make your life as a tattoo artist that little bit better. 

These two products are 'Skin Lock', a transparent tattoo sealant, and 'Spirit Tattoo Transfer Cream!'

In this first post we’ll focus on 'Skin Lock' and its unique features, and give you a look into how this product works. 

Gone are the days of struggling with miles of cling film, trying to cover up your clients fresh tattoo. With Skin Lock, you can create a rubber style membrane that’s dry to the touch, and protect the tattoo in two simple steps. 

Skin Lock is a hydro-gel tattoo sealant that instantly locks in the tattoo ink and protects the integrity of the fresh tattoo. With one simple spray formula it’ll replace all the faffing with bandages. 

To use Skin Lock you just need to follow these two very simple steps: 

Step 1.

Take one of the individual 5 gram sachets of Skin Lock gel and apply a thin layer directly onto the skin with about an half inch border around the fresh piece. Leave it a few seconds before moving to… 

Step 2.

Take the bottle of setting spray that comes in the box and hold it about 12 inches away from the gelled area. Spray the tattoo with 2-3 pumps and this will set the gel into a rubberised membrane that will protect the tattoo for 2-3 hours! 

And that's it! Goodbye Clingfilm! 

So if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your tattoo supplies make you visit us at Body Shock. We stock everything you can imagine for running the perfect tattoo studio. So don't hesitate and contact us now on 01922 744 088 and get stocked up!