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Hello and welcome to my new Blog, I thought it would be cool if I shared with you my tattooing journey and revealed how I became a sponsored artist for Body Shock tattoo and piercing wholesale suppliers.

The secret Meeting:

The first meeting with the guys from Body Shock was at a low key restaurant in Doncaster, it was like a secret meeting between spies who had arranged to meet up and exchange their intel.  We got on great from the start and I had a good feeling that we this meeting was going to be the first of many, we talked about how Body Shock wanted to move forward as a company and how being able to offer the right products at the right price was a high priority for them.  We discussed various new products that they wanted me to try out and give honest feedback on, which I was very excited about.

I was impressed with the quality of the products that they had brought with them and I could see that quality was key for them, after realising pretty quickly that we were all on the same page in terms of what products should be circulating within our industry and what should not, I signed the contract and became a proud new member of the Body Shock family.

Getting our heads together:

I have recently been talking with the guys at Body Shock at great length and in great depth about about the new product range that they want to move forward with.

I am really excited about testing all of the new products out!!


Ok, so I have been sent various new products over to test out and tell Body Shock what I think of each product, all I can promise is my own honest feedback.

I have found a handful of products in particular to be so good, that I have agreed to put my name to them as a personally endorsed product. I hope they make it into the new catalogue which is due out soon!!

Johny and The Chocolate factory:

I was invited to go and meet everyone over at Body Shock and have a guided tour of the manufacturing facility that they have there, I didn't know before first meeting the guys in Doncaster that they are not just a company that buys in and sells tattoo supplies and body jewellery but they make it too!

They are one of the largest and longest running body jewellery manufacturers in the world, and they make tattoo grips and tips of the highest quality I have seen. I have to say that my trip to the factory to see how everything was made was absolutely awesome, I felt like charlie in the chocolate factory with all of the machinery and seeing how all the different materials were being ground down, bent, engraved, drilled or polished and turned in to awesome finished products, whether they be belly bars, segment rings or tattoo grips. The whole experience was brilliant and better still everything is being made here in the UK.

Croydon Tattoo Show:

Well the road trip to the Croydon tattoo show started off with myself and my long term friend (and client for the weekend) Noddy, having to get up at 5 am! Ouch, not my favourite time of the day but we needed to make sure that we got to the show on time.

I think its fair to say that things did not go to plan! We got stuck on the M25, and when I say stuck I mean 4 hours later we where still on the same road. Eventually we arrived at the tattoo show considerably late, in fact we tried to tip toe in so not to draw attention to the fact that we where walking in to set up after everyone else was ready to go. 

Well it wasn't our fault and there was nothing that we could do about it now so we decided to make the best of it and continued working the show, even though i wanted to have much more of Noddy's tattoo completed by now.

 The last day of the show was brilliant, I even took part in a live art expo which was really cool, the awards ceremony began at the end of the show and I was really happy to find out that I had won the award for best small black and grey of the weekend!! well happy!!

The show came to an end and we said our goodbye's to everyone and headed back up north to Doncaster.  I have to say that I gave the show a 10/10, it was brilliant and the organisers Leo & Richie did a great job. I will be going back next year!

Are you a member?

I have just been told the awesome news that Body Shock have come up with a great idea which is unique to their company at the moment, it's a membership card with great features which include latest news and updates, priority processing, and great discounts on all web orders, that's the best bit because I know that they are pretty much the cheapest wholesale supplier that there is, It's free to sign up as a member too.

The Sheffield Tattoo Show:

As you may or may not know, at the start of this year I decided to start a whole new tattoo show set to be a great blast off to the end of the year, it is going to take place on the 9th and 10th of November in the heart of the city of steel.

This is the first time that I have done anything remotely like this and it is proving to be a great and exciting challenge, arranging acts to perform, investigating the flights and accommodation that will be available for all of the artists that we have flying in from around the world, there will be some of the very best international artists working at the show.

I can't say too much more yet but keep an eye on our website for all of the developments and news. Very exciting times.

Ink for Heroes:

Another awesome show!  I traveled to the ink for heroes convention in York with my apprentice Bob in his classic camper which was an experience to say the least!! ;/

I tattooed a nice York minster and I was happy to take home second place to Richards tattoo which won best of the weekend. Well done Buddy!

I had a brilliant two days there and met some really talented new artists, I also hooked up with some old friends and had a genuinely great time.

I would also like to give this show a 10/10, a real great show for a great cause, I can't wait o go back next year.

Hold on, what's this?  The new catalogue is out!

Awesome, really cool to see myself in the new look Body Shock catalogue, and I'm very happy to see a whole new range of brilliant products including some that I have personally endorsed too.

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