Networking Tips for Tattoo Artists


Whether clients are going to come to you for one single tattoo, or become returning customers who can never wait to get their next ink, you need to spend some time building up a meaningful relationship – and, of course, you need to get your name out there so people know that you’re available in the first place.

You might be a budding new artist breaking out into the tattooing market, or an old hand who simply wants to see some fresh faces… regardless, these networking tips will help you grow relationships with those looking for your skills.

Form Bonds with Other Tattoo Artists

Yes, they’re your competition, but that’s no reason that they shouldn’t be your friends – or at least your allies. Chances are, you all have your own unique art styles which are better suited to different types of design, and there’s no point ruining your reputation by attempting a photorealistic portrait when you’ve always been more inclined towards striking tribal patterns.

Instead, why not form an agreement to swap clients with an artist who has a very different style to your own; that way, you’ll have better access to customers who actually want the type of tattoo that you’re itching to create. Head out to trade conventions to start meeting fellow artists in your community.

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Maintain an Online Presence

Whether you stick to conventional social networking sites or head to spaces specifically tailored to tattoo enthusiasts, keeping a presence online can help to build trust as well as to get you exposure. There are three crucial things that you should aim to do when you’re online:

• Share images of your work. This is vital – it shows just what you can do! The best way to make people want your work is to make them jealous of what you’ve done before, and sites like Instagram are perfect for sharing the best snaps.

• Check in with people who have had a recent tattoo. Call this part of your aftercare – drop a direct message which simply asks them if they’re still happy with everything. Showing this level of attention is great for spreading word of mouth praise.

• Join groups of likeminded people and start getting to know them. Add posts and comments – just don’t make them too self-promotional. Instead, offer genuine tips and advice which prove that you know your business inside and out, and that you’re a decent human being to boot.

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Networking is an ongoing task, but once you get into the swing of it, it can also become fun and rewarding. Just don’t forget to stock up on supplies such as tattoo ink before your next influx of customers!

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