Top Tips For Tattoo Aftercare


The art of tattooing has become increasingly popular among the current generation. Many people are paying considerable amounts of money, and even booking appointments months in advance, to access the services of top tattoo artists, and all in order to get the best bodywork that displays both skill and detail.


Many people that practise the art of tattooing are aware that, in order to achieve a tattoo masterpiece, the work does not simply stop at drawing the tattoo; it carries on beyond this into tattoo aftercare. Although the tattoo artist knows this, many of the clients themselves do not know how to nurse their body art properly throughout the healing process. As a company that specialises in tattoo supplies, we at Body Shock have rich knowledge about how to tend for a tattoo after visiting the tattoo artist.

Of course, it is common sense that the first place a person will be informed about how to look after their tattoo will be the place they get it done. As a tattoo artist, it is important that the client carefully listens as you explain each measure, and, as obvious as it sounds, make sure you reiterate how important it is to do as they are told.


This is probably the first aspect of aftercare that your clients need to consider. They need to remember that their tattoo is an open wound; therefore, they need to practise excellent hygiene to keep away bacteria that could lead to infections settling in. Many tattoo experts will recommend gently washing the tattoo with antibacterial soap and leaving it to air dry after the dressing has been removed.


A new tattoo will be sore for a couple of days or so, and so people should expect it to weep fluid during this period. As mentioned earlier, clients should be advised to keep it clean and make sure they moisturise the work with tattoo aftercare cream. This cream should be left to dry, as this will lead to the tattoo scabbing; a prominent part of the healing process. Experts advise that clients should avoid using excessive amounts of cream.

Let it be

Like any other fresh wound, the tattoo should be left to heal naturally. By this we mean that your clients should be told to avoid tampering with the skin surface. Towards the end of the healing process, the scabbing skin will start peeling away, which is commonly known as flaking. As a tattoo artist, you should advise clients to avoid picking at this dead skin, as this could aggravate the wound and lengthen the healing process. Professional tattoo artists state clients with freshly completed tattoos should avoid sun beds and sunbathing too, as UV rays do not only damage open skin but also encourage colour fading.