Tattoo Aftercare Cream, Serum & Products


About Tattoo Aftercare Cream, Serum & Products

Having the right tattoo aftercare cream is a crucial part of looking after your clients, ensuring that they’ll have a good experience at your tattoo parlour. It’s also important to know that the art you’ve just spent hours completing and perfecting will be well looked after, our tattoo aftercare serums offer you that reassurance. We stock a large range of tattoo aftercare products, so you can ensure that you’re ready to give customers the right care regardless of their needs.

This includes items which you can use yourself in your Studio as well as those that can be sold on to your customers when they’re ready to go home with a brand new tattoo. Since the right aftercare is crucial for avoiding infections and keeping your clients satisfied, having tattoo aftercare creams and serums on hand for them to take away with them is essential in any tattoo parlour.

A Fantastic Choice of Tattoo Aftercare Products

Browse our collection to find top quality tattoo aftercare products from incredible brands such as Fade the Itch, Tattoo Goo and A&D. We have some incredible offers available, so you can choose the tattoo aftercare product which will best appeal to your clients and then sell it on at a big profit!

These tattoo aftercare products will also ensure that you maintain great standards of hygiene at work, both for yourself and for the people getting inked with your artwork. Products such as the Tattoo Goo Aftercare Soap will prevent the growth of bacteria, while an option such as SkinLock will form a thin covering to protect the tattoo from any damage.

Come to Body Shock for Your Tattoo Aftercare Cream and Serum

Make sure you never have to run low on these crucial products by stocking up on essentials such as tattoo aftercare cream in advance! Contact us at 01922 744088 to find out more about your options.