I Power tattoo Supply

I Power Tattoo Supply

Product: I Power Tattoo Supply

The iPower wireless power supply has inputs for two tattoo machines and a foot-switch, The 4 ampere power supply works with any device and can be powered by a USB cable. The iPower is compatible with both iPhone 4S or newer and Android 4.3 or newer devices, meaning you can use the device with most smartphones or tablets.

The iPower is a double-output power supply controlled by USB connection. The power supply’s double output allows connecting two coil or rotary tattoo machines at the same time, and using the control application it’s possible to choose which one to use and change its output voltage.

Simply turn on Bluetooth and connect to your phone, then select the operating mode. You can then control the voltage and switch between your 2 machines at will. There are 5 quick-recall memory buttons, and then another area for infinite custom setups.

Customer Reviews:

  • Alex De Pase: "The iPower Tattoo is absolutely amazing! It's so helpful. This new type of power supply will change my work life."
  • Bill Murran: Words can't express how impressed I have been with iPower Tattoo. The app is user friendly, intuitive and easy to use use.
  • Mojo Tattoo: This Rocks! Something has changed!

Please Note:

To avoid damaging the system we suggest using it only with the provided power supply, as it furnishes the correct supply to the iPower devices. An improper substitution of the power supply may cause the malfunctioning, the overheating and the damage of the entire system.

The iPower device should be powered by the external regulator and controlled by the appropriate application. The two 1/4"audio jack outputs allow for two tattoo machines, even of different kind, to be connected at the same time. The 1/4” audio jack input allows to connect an external pedal in case you don’t want to use the output voltage interruption function provided by the mobile application. The device is also provided with a USB port that can be used to recharge your mobile device or to power other devices, such as small LED lamps, with USB connectors.

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