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S8 Red series

Product: S8 Red series

The New RED Tattoo Stencil Transfer System consists of three products.

1. RED Tattoo Stencil- A revolutionary red coloured freehand and thermal stencil paper. Patent pending. 25 units; 8½ x 11".

2. RED Stencil Transfer Gel- A unique stencil transfer product that first prepares and cleans the skin, then serves as a transfer medium.

Patent pending. 25 units individually packed sachet packets; 3 grams per sachet packet.

3. RED Tattooing Gel- An innovative, inert tattooing gel.

This gel seals the stencil, protecting it from wiping, in addition to reducing friction and irritation associated with tattooing.

When used during the tattooing process in place of petroleum jelly or vegetable lipid blends, RED Tattooing Gel also improves ink saturation, needle performance and longevity, and reduces inflammation and pain response.

Patent pending. 25 individually packed sachet packets; 3 grams per sachet packet.

This kit box contains 25 full sets of the RED Tattoo Stencil Transfer System, packaged in a limited edition box featuring the work of a rising star, an established tattooing professional, or a tattooing legend.

This kit features tattoo artist Russ Abbott.

All S8 tattoo products are:

• Made in the USA.

• Vegan friendly and are never tested on animals.

• Safe for use on all skin types.

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