Spotlight On: Everything You Need to Know About Feather Tattoos


The feather is an incredibly popular tattoo design idea. Although it’s most often linked to subjects such as freedom and dreams, it’s fair to say that it holds a lot of different meanings for each person that chooses to have it tattooed.

Despite the popularity of the feather, a lot of people don’t know the history, meaning and symbolism behind the design. Before getting any tattoo, you should always do your research beforehand. Even as tattoo artists, we think there should be some knowledge behind some of the most popular tattoo designs.


Symbolism & Meaning

Historically, the tattoo feather has a Native American background. They believed that the feathers represented the spirit of the bird and that the bird spirit was powerful enough to cleanse the environment.

Tattoos of feathers can definitely have lots of different meanings. However, they are most prevalently associated with the concept of freedom. The reason behind this is that feathers are closely linked to birds and generally, birds are seen as being free animals. This is most certainly thanks to their amazing ability to fly wherever and whenever they wish. Therefore, the single feather tattooed on the body can represent that individual’s freedom – whether it’s something that they have or something they are seeking.

For some people, it depends on the type of tattoo chosen. Owl feather tattoos represent intellect and wisdom, whilst tattoos of eagle feathers can represent strength and courage. Another popular feather design is the peacock tattoo – representing beauty and royalty.

A Colourful & Vibrant Tattoo Design

One of the best things about feather tattoos is that you have endless choices when it comes to design and colours. Depending on what you are looking for, you can make it as colourful, detailed or basic as you like.

Colours such as black and grey are the normal, but people also opt for coral and turquoise patterns, as they are thought to add an early and spiritual touch to the tattoo.

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Celebrity Fans

With the feather tattoo being so popular and meaningful, it won’t come as a surprise that a lot of celebrities have a variation of the tattoo inked on their body. Singer Chris Brown has feathers on his back, whilst Demi Lovato has a small turquoise tattoo above her ear. She has said that the design represents both freedom and courage. Miley Cyrus has feathers incorporated into her dream catcher tattoo, whilst Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has a gigantic single feather tattooed up his left arm.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the feather tattoo and what they symbolise! For the tattoo artists reading this, next time a client asks you for a tattoo using a feather design, you should definitely ask them whether they mind sharing the significance to them as an individual.

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