2017 Tattoo Trends: Geometric Tattoos


Tattoos are more than body art; they have become fashion statements, and their popularity has risen in the past years. This ancient art style can be traced back many centuries, with different designs being in and out of fashion. Trends tend to come and go, and 2017 is being predicted as a year that will continue what 2016 started; increasingly complex and original tattoos.

Unique and symbolic, geometric tattoos work with details done to perfection in order to create symmetric tattoos. Often minimalistic, this style requires you to have a high level of expertise – and a very steady hand – to effectively create the lines and dots involved in geometric tattoos. Whether imbued with deep meaning or representing lighter, more fun designs, geometric tattoos can be arranged in a wide number of styles.

From bold colours to 3D effects, these tattoos create intricate designs from simple geometrical shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles. Within geometric tattoos, sacred geometric tattoos have emerged as preferential deigns due to their religious and spiritual significance. Geometrical shapes are associated with nature and other deep meanings.


Basic Geometric Shapes

Both squares and triangles impart a sense of conformity and equality, often associated with stability and trust. This shape can also be associated with the four points of the compass, represented by the four corners of the geometric shape. A cube symbolises the earth, often seen as representing order and rationality. As the most common geometric shape, rectangles can be designed in a tilted angle to provide a touch of unexpectedness.

Without any beginning or end, circles are often chosen for their eternally whole meaning. The nature connection to the moon, the sun, and other celestial beings transform any tattoo. Representing completeness and freedom, circles can have an added depth with shading and multiple circles to form a complex design.

With energetic and powerful meaning, triangles have a religious and scientific symbolism. Commonly seen in pyramids and arrows, there is a certain level of action and aggression that triangles can transpire. On another hand, they also convey a sense of purpose, progression, and direction and, in religion, they represent the holy trinity.


Complex Shapes in Sacred Geometric Tattoos

With sacred geometric tattoos, the spiritual meaning of natural elements is represented through complex shapes. A tetrahedron signifies fire, an icosahedron signifies water, and an octahedron represents air. The placement of these tattoos is said to affect the body positively and restore both balance and health to the body.

With striking aesthetic beauty, these tattoos work best in bigger sizes so that their full design can be properly seen. Mandalas are a popular design for sacred geometric tattoos due to their deep spiritual meaning. Although modifications can be made for a more personalised Mandala, they are typically composed of a circle within a square.

In both Buddhist and Hindu culture, the square possesses four gates on each side, which would then proceed to open into the circle. The belief is that this design showcases radial balance and a connection to the universe. In Christianity, the design can be seen on Celtic crosses and rosaries, representing a journey in which the divine can be found.

Seen in the nautilus shell, the golden ratio represents its constant growth rate and how the shell accommodates growth through a logarithmic spiral that allows it to not change shape. The golden ratio signifies the measurements of the universe and the nautilus shell is now a symbol of this ratio.

The Flower of Life can be dated back 6,000 years and seen in Ancient Egypt, with seven or more overlapping circles with even space between them. It creates a pattern that is reminiscent of a flower with a hexagon symmetrical structure. Its similarity to the human cellular structure after three embryonic divisions confers it a deep meaning associated with life itself and the universe.

The Genesa Crystal shape dates to 1940 when agricultural geneticist Derald Langham discovered a cellular connection between all life forms. He found that an eight-cell stage is shared, which is represented in the design as a circular shape with rings that oscillate around it. A solid shape can be placed in the middle of the design, elevating its already deep meaning of harmony and health.


From architecture to engineering, nature influences every aspect of our lives. Tattoos are no different! Geometric shapes are found all around nature, and by incorporating these designs into tattoos the deep meaning of life is represented.

Through sacred geometry, geometric shapes and proportions are conferred deep religious and spiritual meanings. At Body Shock we have a wide variety of tattooing supplies to provide the best possible equipment for your geometric tattoos. Simply get in touch with us to speak to our friendly team and they’ll answer any query you have.