3 Most Painful Places to Get a Piercing


If you've never had a piercing before, getting your first can be a bit nerve wracking. Where you decide to get your piercing will play a big part in your comfort but to be completely honest with you, you barely notice it.

You're own pain threshold, is the clincher. Knowing yourself before you decide to get a piercing will help you to decide where your piercing will be. Skin piercings, such as your earlobe, is by far the easiest piercing to get. There's no mass of nerves to piercing through for one, and as the skin is much softer, there's less resistance to the gun or needle.

There are, however, some parts of the body that are far more painful than others.

 young woman with cartilage piercing


The Cartilage piercing has steadily grown in popularity. Cartilage isn't bone, it's a firm, flexible connective tissue which is why we're able to pierce through it. The resistance from the tissue, however, is what may cause you a slight discomfort. Many people can breeze through a cartilage piercing, the most popular body part being the many different places of the ear such as the;

• Rook

• Helix

• Forward Helix

• Diath

• Tragus

• Snug

• Inner Conch

• and Outer Conch


Places of filled with nerve endings will be far more uncomfortable to get pierced than skin piercings or cartilage. You're nipples are sensitive so it stands to reason that they won't be kind when it comes to getting them pierced. As with tattoos, when your piercing is healing, it's far more comfortable to allow it to air. Unfortunately, unless you're thinking of walking around shirtless during your healing period, you'll have to wear a shirt which can cause further discomfort and irritation during healing.


If your nipples are sensitive then you can correctly assume getting your genitals pierced will be very uncomfortable. On top of the process of piercing, your genitals will have to go through the healing process, not only will your underwear constantly rub against your piercing, so will your legs every time you move.

 confused guy

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