4 Tattoo Trends to Expect in 2018


With 2018 in full swing, new trends are emerging in all areas of fashion, music and art. Tattoos are gaining increasing popularity, especially in particular styles, so there are some trends that you can be sure are going to be on the up throughout the year.

Here are four tattoo trends that your clients may be excited about this year:


1. Plant Stencil

Botanical tattoos are no new concept, but rising in popularity are plant stencil tattoos. The leaf or flower is dipped into stencil ink and pressed against the clients skin to leave an impression, which then forms the basis of the tattoo. These designs truly flourish and work especially well as colour and watercolour pieces.

2. 3D Gem Stones

Taking the world of ink by storm right now are 3D gem stone tattoos. Using a combination of white ink and water colours, artists are creating designs that truly sparkle. Many people have an association with gem stones - their birth stones, for example - and this new trend is set to make them even more fashionable for 2018.

3. Traditional Styles

Traditional styles have begun to make a comeback, so you can expect to see anchors, roses, hearts and daggers hitting popularity again. The old sailor styles of chunky black lines and vibrant colours have also become a retro favourite amongst ink enthusiasts. With the modern day ink available, the colours really pop, to create bold, eye catching art.

4. Minimalist Tattoos

They might be small and simple, but they're completely gorgeous in their own unique ways. As people from all walks of life continue to develop a taste for ink, you may find people wanting small, subtle designs. From mountain tops to planes to origami animals, these petite pieces are proving increasingly popular and, thanks to social media posts, this trend is likely to rise as the year goes on.

With so many trends, all varying in style and design, you'll need to be well prepared and equipped. Get ahead by making sure that you have the best quality tattoo supplies. For a huge range of tattoo guns and ink, visit Body Shock today, or get in touch with us now.