4 Top Tips for Covering an Unwanted Inking


When it comes to getting a permanent inking, some clients might regret acting on the spur of the moment. 

While many people are thrilled with their new body art, others might not be quite so happy with their choice in retrospect.

Clients who rush into following a tattoo trend, rely on celebrity inspiration, or ink a partner's name on their body might be forced to revisit the tattooist again on a later date.  

For clients that do wish to cover up an unwanted inking, here are some top tips to cover the most common mistakes and help your client give their old tattoo a new lease of life …

Tattoo being made_2

Unwanted Names

Tattooing a partner’s name on your body can seem like a great idea at the time; however, if the relationship ends, this can be a constant and unwanted reminder.

One of the most famous examples of this is Johnny Depp’s infamous Winona Forever tattoo, which was altered to Wino Forever after he parted ways with his ex.

For clients who are feeling a similar degree of regret, choosing a bold and timeless design, which includes darker shades to ensure the name is fully covered up, might be the most effective way to cover their inking and help them erase the past.

Bad Portraits

Many people opt to ink the face of a favourite celebrity or beloved family member onto their body as a tribute.

Sadly, the expectation doesn’t always match reality and the client could be left feeling unsatisfied.

For those who wish to cover a tattoo of a person’s face, it is often more effective to use the original elements of the design and incorporate these into the new tattoo. Portrait tattoos can be quite distinctive, so fixing it, rather than creating an entirely new tattoo, could be more successful.

Whether this involves improving the intended likeness, or creating a new face, modifying the tattoo could have more effective results.

Bold Colours

When it comes to covering up an old tattoo, the results very much depend on the original design.

If the old tattoo features a black ink with a thick application, this could be more difficult to cover than a lighter coloured tattoo. The boldness of the original design could severely limit their new tattoo options.

To cover a darker tattoo, your client may need to choose bolder colours to ensure the old inking isn’t visible underneath. Explaining this to them, and talking through the options, will ensure they choose the design that is right for them.

Thoroughly Consult with the Client

Finally, as clients may have rushed into their last tattoo, it is essential that the consultation to cover up their unwanted body art is thorough, and the tattoo artist ensures the client is completely happy. During the consultation sketch out the new design and take photos to allow them to raise any concerns, or suggest alterations before the tattoo is carried out.

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