Adore Your Loved One? Commemorate Them With a Tattoo… Made From Their Hair


Although we’re called Body Shock, it takes quite a bit to shock us- especially when it comes to news about tattoos and piercings.

However, while browsing our news feeds we came across a slightly weird-yet-interesting story which did initially make our jaws drop… and we’re still unsure what we think about it!

The story in question looks at a new form of tattoo ink…. made from human hair.

Taking “I Love You” To Another Level

Now, we’re all for people getting commemorative tattoos of their loved ones. In fact it’s your body and we fully agree that it’s up to the person what they have tattooed on their body.

tattoo of love heart on upper left arm with mother written in the middle

This new tattoo ink- which could be available as soon as January 2016- takes personal tattoos to a whole new level by using what they refer to as “human genetic material” in the ink. we’re not quite sure how comfortable we are with someone’s hair being injected into our skin, however.

The Human Hair Ink

The inventor of this weird-yet-wonderful tattoo ink is a 54 year old man called Andreas Wampl from Switzerland. His tattoo ink takes the carbon from a strand of hair and mixes it into the tattoo ink.

white woman with straw coloured hair is pulling her own hair

He hopes that more people will appreciate the intimate connection that these tattoos will bring to people, even going so far as to committing his skin to being the first to receiving a hair ink tattoo. He says "I am quite exited to receive this tattoo, but also it is a strange feeling - the fact, that I will have my children visible and physical in me."

The Future of Personal Tattoos?

So, is this the future of personal tattooing? Will you me able to really have your spouse with you always in the form of your tattoo dedication to them?

eastern style tattoo on the left ankle of a woman with red toenail varnish on, can only see lower legs and feet

With the expected price of the ink to be around £600 per 15ml, we’re not too sure how popular this will be amongst tattoo artists. Let’s face it, you won’t want to be tattooed with the “human genetic material” of someone you don’t know if the original tattoo didn’t use all the ink!

The process will include receiving a collection box which you will place the hair you want in the ink into and then ship it off to Wampl’s business, Skin 46 in Switzerland who will make your personal ink for you.

As we say, we aren’t completely sold on the idea- it just seems a little too out there for us. We think we’ll stick to stocking professional inks such as dynamic tattoo ink instead.

If you are a professional tattoo artist and aren’t ready to commit to the hair ink idea either, you can contact us today on  01922 744088 or head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with our latest news.