Advising Clients about Tattoos


As a tattoo studio owner, you no doubt take pride in your work and want your clients to leave your studio pleased with their body artwork. After all, the reputation of a tattoo artist relies heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations, so it is important to get the tattoo right. Before you put ink to skin, be sure to speak about the following topics with your client to ensure the best outcome possible.

Do They Want a Tattoo?

This topic may seem too obvious to even mention, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who get a tattoo as a spur of the moment decision, and then regret that choice as buyer remorse kicks in. If you get the impression that a client is just getting a tattoo for the sake of it, then make them fully aware that it will be a permanent marking on their body, and they will have it for life.


There are many available tattoo designs and styles that are found on websites, books, magazines and in your portfolio of work. Try to encourage your clients to think outside the box and get a design that isn’t currently fashionable and on thousands of other people, because these fads will soon pass. It is a good idea to advise your client to research their tattoo before they come to you for a consultation. Google images is an excellent resource for your client to start with. There are also many reputable tattoo magazines that can be used as a sound resource

Once your client has found an image that they are happy with, consider the best place for it to be placed, and advise them to go with that location.


Make sure you give your client extensive aftercare tips; such as advising them to clean the tattoo after the dressing has been taken off. Also, explain to them that their tattoo will weep within the first couple of days. As the fluid that weeps is the same colour as the tattoo, some people panic and think that their tattoo is coming off. If they know that this is normal, it will save a fair amount of panic.

Giving advice and planning a tattoo is a great way to go about creating a tattoo that your client will be proud to show off. Of course, in addition to planning you will have to have reliable tattoo equipment that won’t let you down. Here at Body Shock we have tattoo supplies ranging from tattoo needles and tattoo grips to studio furniture. We have extensive experience in the tattoo supply industry, so we can guarantee that our tattoo equipment will be nothing less than the best. If you would like to find out more information then call us today on 01922 744088.