Are Couple Tattoos a Good Idea?


Tattoos in general tend to split opinion and people find themselves in one of two camps; you are either for or against. The fact that it is a permanent alteration to your skin is bound to court some controversy and there are certain types of tattoos that stand above the rest in the level of controversy they inspire.

The most controversial are of course those on the face, neck or hands but it is sometimes the inspiration rather than the placement of a tattoo that can be controversial. One of the most contentious types of tattoo is the couples’ tattoo; so are couples’ tattoos a good idea? Let’s look at the good and the bad - we’ll start with the good...

The Good

Check out the video above and you will doubtless see several great ideas for a tattoo, and will no doubt be fumbling for the phone to book in for a pair of finger sabres as we speak. The truth is that many couples are very happy with their couples’ tattoos and use them as a permanent keepsake that reminds them of their favourite person in the world.

The trick to getting a great couples tattoos is to get one that is good by itself but even better when part of a pair.

The Bad

Here we go with the other side of the couples’ tattoo coin, and there is no doubting that there have been some epically bad couple’s tattoos. Check out the video below for an example of one of the biggest mistakes that many people make: getting their half of a couples’ tattoo without talking to their partner first.

*Warning: May cause severe cringing.

A one sided couple’s tattoo is pretty much an inherently bad idea and should be avoided if your client wants to steer clear of arguments!

The Timing

When it comes down to it, we think that the success joint tattoos is all down to the timing of it. The likelihood of regretting a tattoo decreases with every year of your relationship so if you get it on the first date then you are pretty much definitely going to regret it.

If you are one of those lucky couples that can barely even keep track of the numbers that you’ve been together then go wild and treat yourselves to a cute little couples’ tattoo. Yes, your friends will gip but so what, they’re just jealous!

So, that’s our somewhat definitive answer - another question, how long have you been a couple? If the answer provokes a giggle from the tattoo artist then you’re probably being a bit silly and should just get a pet rock instead.

Happy inking folks!