Are You Ever Too Old to Ink? Study Show That Tattoos Are Becoming More Popular Later on in Life


Have you ever told someone who doesn’t agree with tattoos that you are getting one done, and received a “that won’t look good when you’re old” comment. We’ve heard this comment hundreds of times and every time we reply “who looks good when they’re old?”

For some reason, a lot of people believe that tattoos don’t look good after a certain age. However, with a generation that is embracing tattoos, it’s safe to say that nursing homes in 10/20 years time are going to look a lot different than they do now. In fact, it might be a lot sooner than that.

A recent study from Remember A Charity, has shown that around 5% of people are now getting their first tattoo after they have turned 60.

The Guinness World Record Holder

Earlier this year, Isobel Varley passed away at the age of 77. Before she died, she was known for holding the Guinness World Record for being the “most tattooed female senior citizen” – over 90% of her body was covered in them!

Having got her first tattoo at the age of 49, she later went on to get a further 200 tattoos done. It’s estimated that she spent around 500 hours in tattoo studios. Isobel said that she only wanted to get one done but fell in love with the tattoo and got addicted.

A New Generation?

So are the studies true? Are more people deciding to get tattoos in later life?

Back in 2013, a 75 year old BBC presenter was filming a documentary called Britain and the Sea, when he decided to get his first tattoo. He had a two and a half inch scorpion tattooed onto his shoulder. The owner of the parlour where he got it done, later said that he wasn’t her first customer over the age of 70. She said that she believes the times are changing and that it’s more “accepted now.”

It would certainly seem so, as earlier this year, 79 year old Sadie made the news after she got her very first tattoo. She chose to have a small love heart inked onto her arm, after being convinced by her granddaughter. She was asked what her other family were going to think of her idea to get a tattoo, in which she replied that she “didn’t care.”

It looks like times are definitely changing, and we think it’s exciting that more people are embracing the creativeness that tattoos can bring out. As a leading supplier of tattoo machines and other equipment, to artists around the country, we know how much hard work is put into creating the perfect tattoo.

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