Artists to the Stars


We’ve already looked at some of the best celebrity tattoos out there, with names such as Rihanna, James Hetfield and Anthony Kiedis, but what about the artist behind the big names? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the talented artists entrusted with the task of inking some of the biggest stars around.

Bang Bang

Also known as Keith McCurdy, this talented artist has worked on the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. After tattooing his celebrity clients, he asks them to return the favour and add to his ‘scrapbook’ by tattooing his leg. He now has quite a collection of celebrity autograph doodles including a cartoon mouse named ‘swaggy’ from Bieber and a large breasted dove from Rita Ora.

Louis Molloy

Star of reality TV show ‘London Ink’ and artist behind the Beckham’s tattoos is known for his frank talking. He hit headlines in 2005 when he threatened to sue Posh and Becks if they went ahead with plans to use their tattoos as images in an ad campaign. Claiming he owned the copyright to the images, he was not best pleased when the power couple tried to use them to sell.

Kat Von D

One of the best known names in the tattoo business, this artist shot to fame due to the popularity of reality TV show ‘LA Ink’, which follows her career at tattoo shop ‘High Voltage’. Kat is well known for setting the world record for most tattoos carried out in a 24 hour period, with an impressive total of 400 people inked with the small ‘LA’ logo.

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