Body Piercing Jewellery Trends To Look Out For In 2018


Body jewellery has never been so exciting. Today you can adorn every part of your body with a selection of different materials and styles of art. Below we explore some of the hottest body jewellery trends to try out this year.

Nose rings

When it comes to nose piercings then the good news is that anything goes, leaving you free to express yourself. This year also sees us embracing multiple nose piercings, especially nose rings. Trends to look out for are bead rings, septum tusks, nostril screws and cute studs.


Naval piercings

Naval piercings are seeing something of a revival this year which is good news for those who love their body piercings. Belly button studs remain as popular as ever, but belly button rings are also bang on trend for those hot summer days. Choose from fun stainless steel naval bars and naval jewels to really stand out from the crowd.

Tongue and eyebrow

Formed back in the late 1970s, tongue and eyebrow piercings remain as hot as ever before. When it comes to tongue piercings, the industry standard is still that of the straight barbell. Spiral barbells are also bang on trend, while eyebrow rings really allow you to showcase your true personality. There are now many different styles and shapes, that include captive rings and surgical steel eyebrow bars, that feature a pendant of your choice, such as a bat, cobra or even the devil.

Lip piercings

Lip piercing remains as popular as ever before, with women now embracing this body art. Choose from lip rings in a variety of different materials, plus an assortment of colours and gems. Black titanium and ball closure lip rings will also be incredibly popular.

Body piercing and the choice of body jewellery is very much a personal choice. Opt for colours and shapes that reflect your personality, and don't forget to have fun with your choice of body jewellery.

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