Can Tattoos Change the World?


There are almost as many opinions on tattoos as there are people that have them nowadays, and whatever you think of them, they are always a talking point. One thing that opinion is split on is whether they can be a force for good or whether they are just a piece of inked skin. Here at Body Shock, we don’t just stock tattoo supplies such as “(tattoo grips)” , we also love tattoos and believe that they can transcend themselves and become incredibly personal.


One tattoo that is in the news lately is converting the non-believers and showing that tattoos can have a profound meaning. We are talking of course about the semicolon tattoo that has been appearing on hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world.

What Does the Semicolon Mean?

This incredibly simple tattoo has become a trend that is gaining real recognition for its positive impact in raising awareness of mental health issues. Studies of suicides show that 90% of those that commit suicide have a diagnosable mental illness; the aim of this awareness campaign is to end this association.

The symbolism of the semicolon is that it signifies an unfinished sentence and is an inspiration for those with mental illnesses to remember that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Is it Working?

The sheer fact that the tattoos have made it into the news is proof positive that the campaign works. This increased awareness will hopefully lead to better understanding both from those that are suffering with mental illness and those impacted by it.

Should You Get One?

A tattoo, no matter how much it is influenced by trends, is a very personal thing and no one should rush in to getting one.

If you choose to go for a semicolon tattoo though, the most important thing to remember to visit a reputable tattoo shop. The artists in these shops will understand your requirements and will help you with decisions on style and placement to make sure that your tattoo is perfect for you.

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