Choosing the Perfect Tattoo Location



Most people know exactly what tattoo they want and where they want it to go. However, while your clients are sure of the design they want on their skin, they may not be completely certain of where that tattoo should go. Or they might have chosen a location you don’t think is ideal, whether because the design won’t stand out there or because it’s actually too big for the location.

No matter the reason, you’re likely to find clients who will ask your opinion on where to place their tattoo, so it’s important that you’re prepared to answer that question!



Is Pain a Problem?

People are different, meaning they have different levels of tolerance to pain. If your client can’t tolerate it that much, it might be better to advise him or her to get a tattoo in locations that are typically less painful, like the shoulder. It can be extremely painful to be tattooed on the hands, for example, because the skin there is thinner than everywhere else and there are a lot of ligaments and bones.

Visible or Hidden?

Although tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, certain jobs still require employees to keep tattoos hidden away. If your client works in a place that doesn’t accept visible tattoos, then it’s important that they opt for a location that is easy to cover if the need arises.


Due to the permanent nature of tattoos, it’s impossible for your clients to try out several spots until they land on the one they want – however, it’s still imperative that they experiment with location. This can be achieved by cutting out the design in different sizes and moving it around the body. This way your client can get an idea of what the tattoo will look like if placed on the back or on the chest, for example, and make a decision they’re not likely to regret later.

Consider the Design

Playing around with the size of the tattoo is vital to determine the best location, but it’s not the only aspect of the tattoo that matters. The design is equally important. If it’s a portrait, it can be difficult to place it on the arms or forearms, as some details may be lost or the tattoo may not look as good as it could. Your client’s back, shoulder or legs, for instance, can be excellent places for this type of tattoo.

In the end, however, it will depend on the tattoo’s size and design, so make sure to take its printed version and hold it against several different places on the body!

Choosing the right design can be time consuming sometimes, as your clients want the perfect tattoo on their skin! However, a lot of people will not give the same consideration to the location of the design itself, and either ask their artist or end up choosing a place they’re not completely sure of.

You can help them make this decision by providing them with your expert knowledge, so that they leave your parlour happy with their brand new design and won’t regret its location!