Different Tattoo Styles for New Tattooists


Much like many art forms, in tattooing, there are many different styles to learn. If you are considering a career as a tattoo artist, then you will need to learn the basic skills of tattooing, and you will no doubt want to build on this. In this blog, we will look into some of the styles and techniques that it’s imperative for you to be aware of.



This technique is used to create a basic shape. It is usually done with a round group of needles, and the lines you put on a client’s skin can vary from thin to thick. You may also wish to build up lines by using multiple passes closer together, which will make it much thicker. Dexterity is the key with lining, as even lines are necessary for a quality looking tattoo. In addition to colouring in black ink, lining can also be done in colour.


Great shading can make all the difference in a tattoo. This is not a skill that can be learned overnight, as it could take years for an artist to perfect this. In terms of basic shading, you will have to adjust your needle for the shade that you want to create. The needle size should also be taken into consideration and adapted, as larger shadows are created by larger needles, and smaller needles create smaller shadows. In time, your skills will grow, and you will get a feel for shading as you get more experience.


One of the most popular tattoos a person can get is a tattoo that has lettering; this lettering can range from a child or a loved one’s name, to a favourite football team or artist. Being skilled in lettering will make you a hot commodity. Learning the techniques for lettering doesn’t take too much training. Once you have learned how to add lettering competently, be sure to check the spelling before you ‘ink’ your client, because a misspelt name looks extremely unprofessional and reflects badly on you.

Of course, once you are comfortable with your abilities and have developed your skills in the above areas, you can start thinking about opening your own tattoo parlour. Here at Body Shock we can supply you with a wide range of tattoo supplies, including tattoo guns and tattoo needles, so you can hit the ground running in time for your opening. If you are an apprentice and aren’t planning on going solo for the foreseeable future, it is still worth investing in quality tattoo supplies to show your prospective employer that you are dedicated to your art. Get in touch with us today for further information on our tattoo supplies.