Eyebrow Tattoos - The Pros and Cons


Eyebrow feathering tattoos are among the latest beauty trends and are something that some of your clients may ask you about. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of eyebrow feathering tattoos.

The Pros

Long-Lasting and Hassle-Free

Although not permanent, eyebrow tattoos are pretty long-lasting; one treatment should last for about a year before it will need to be repeated. Unlike makeup, eyebrow tattoos don’t smudge or come off in the shower or when swimming, so your client won’t have the hassle of continually reapplying traditional makeup in order to keep their brows looking good. Be sure to use high-quality tattoo supplies for the job to give the best results.

Immediate Results

Eyebrow feathering tattoos will give an immediate result! The whole process takes around an hour, and your client will leave your shop with their new look in place and ready to rock.

A New, Confidence-Boosting Look

Professionally done eyebrow tattoos give the brows a clearly defined shape, a perfect symmetry, and uniform density in the colour of your client’s choice, making them perfect for people whose natural brows are very sparse or pale in colour. The end result of the procedure should greatly enhance the appearance and bring balance to the facial features, leaving your client feeling much more confident in both their social life and at work.

The Cons

No Pain, No Gain

One downside of eyebrow tattoos is that your client will experience a small amount of mild, stinging sensation during the procedure, as this area is particularly sensitive. You can apply numbing cream to the brow area before the procedure begins, in order to minimise the discomfort. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, there’s no prolonged recovery time during which they have to hide away until the swelling goes down, but there may be a small amount of swelling and sensitivity for a day or so. Over a period of about two weeks, the tattoos will scab-over and drop off, leaving the area feeling rather itchy. You should provide your client with a suitable soothing lotion to apply to the brows until the area heals completely. Remind your client not to scratch the scabs or they could cause permanent scarring.

Top Up Costs

Like any form of semi-permanent makeup, eyebrow tattoos fade over time, so you will need to recommend having them touched-up every year or so. Obviously, this can mean more expense in the long term, if your client wants to maintain the look. For more information on the right products to use for eyebrow feathering tattoos, contact the helpful experts at Body Shock.