Famous Artists: Kat Von D



There are some outstanding artists in the tattooing industry that achieve a form of celebrity status due to the incredible work they produce. With tattooing becoming more acceptable and popular, TV network TLC have run reality shows based entirely on tattoo shops, their clients and their artists. One artist that has risen to fame from this is the now legendary, Kat Von D.

Katherine Von Drachenberg, more commonly known as Kat Von D was born March 8th 1982 in Montemorelos, North Mexico and was the main focus of hit TV show LA ink, in which the programme followed her as she opened up her own tattoo studio, High Voltage Tattoo.

This show came about due to Kat’s popularity on existing TLC show, Miami Ink, in which she was a guest tattoo artist for two seasons while one of their tattoo artists, Darren Brass, was off with a broken elbow. This series ran till September 15th 2011. Since then Kat has published a number of books and is currently working on her music career, as she is a keen pianist. Other ventures she has embarked on include her own make up range with Sephora and creating the music festival MusInk Tattoo Convention.

Kat is famous for her impeccable black and grey portraits as they are so lifelike, leading to a client list full of celebrities, including Ewan McGregor to Dave Grohl! With a career spanning over the last 16 years Kat has worked hard to earn her status as a world famous tattoo artist and more of her work can be seen here.

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