Five Tattoo Themes That Just Won't Go Away


You don’t have to hang around with people who have tattoos for long before you notice certain themes. Some of them – like the Manchester Worker Bee design – are very much of a time, whilst others have been around for decades, and still look fresh and vibrant. While every tattoo is unique, the symbolism of certain objects makes them evergreen subjects for body art.


Popular among ladies, there are as many butterfly designs as there are species of butterfly. From an artistic point of view, they are beautiful to look at, with striking colours, and bold shapes and swirls. The butterfly represents a positive attitude to change and new beginnings, whilst also showing us how fragile life can be. Another interpretation is that butterflies represent peace, tranquillity and serenity.

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It is estimated that almost a third of the world’s tattoos are based on a tribal design. Since the word ‘tribal’ can refer to almost anything from Celtic knots, to Mayan faces, to Samoan abstract animals, the symbolism is linked in with the culture it is cribbed from. These tattoos are often chosen for important milestones in a person’s life, or to represent their pride in their heritage.

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Star tattoos are aspirational, denoting a person’s hopes and ideals, whatever they might be. Distant and beautiful, they represent things of great importance yet to be attained, and star tattoos are often seen as a contract that the wearer is making with themselves to fulfil their potential.

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Signs of the Zodiac

Popular amongst believers in astrology, having one’s sign of the zodiac incorporated into a tattoo is a way of declaring your own individuality, whilst admitting there are aspects of your personality that you have no control over. Though their popularity is seemingly on the wane, signs of the zodiac form a great basis for tattoo design, running the gamut from the simple to the wonderfully elaborate.


Once the preserve of metalheads and Goths, skulls have always been a popular theme for tattoos. However, in recent years people have been adopting the familiar skull motif to denote strength in the face of adversity. It has become a popular choice amongst people facing terminal illnesses, or major life changes.

All these themes are popular for a reason – the symbolism they denote has endured through the centuries and has only become stronger by adding a modern interpretation. At Body Shock, we have a wide variety of tattoo supplies that provide the best equipment for rendering any of these common themes. Contact us and see how we can help you.