Five Unique Tattoo Styles You'll Love


It doesn't matter if your customer is already covered or just about to get their first tattoo, the trickiest part of planning their new ink - whether it's a small two-hour job or a forty-four sleeve - is deciding what exactly what they want. The second trickiest part is deciding what style they want that proud tiger or beautiful mermaid in. It's a lot more difficult than old or new-school these days; so here are some artists who particularly inspire us with their stunning artwork:

Hugo Tattooer, Seoul

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Have you ever seen such bold, and yet adorable, lifework? Hugo Tattooer focuses on the monochrome side of tattooing, producing amazingly bold designs from Japanese culture, video games and nature that seem to jump off the skin. This simplified style creates impact without scrimping on style.

Herdis Solveig, Liverpool

If you're looking for stunning animal portraiture, look no further than Herdis. Would you believe this talented artist is only one year into the job? We certainly wouldn't. This vibrant, realistic style is fantastic for anything from mythological creatures to beautiful florals.

Laura Anunnaki, Mexico

So sweet it could curl your teeth! Laura Anunnaki creates stunningly colourful ink with a bubblegum twist. If you're looking for something glitter or sugar coated, then she is the master. You certainly won't find any dark and brooding artwork in her portfolio, with a rainbow included in nearly every piece she creates.

Sol Tattoo, Seoul

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Focusing on minuscule, detailed artwork, Sol Tattoo produces some of the most delicate yet lifelike tattoos we've seen. From lilacs to narwhals and kittens to jellyfish, all work at the studio is done in this same detailed, dainty style - we can certainly see why it's so popular.

Sasha Unisex, Rome



Now a household name thanks to her unique and vibrant style, Sasha's work speaks for itself. Created with geometric shapes and block colours, this ink looks impressive from any distance. Specialising in animals and florals, this style can lend itself to practically anything.

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