Great Places to Get Tattoos


Here at Body Shock we have been supplying tattoo artists with a wide range of products including tattoo machines and tattoo ink for a number of years, so to say we have just a passing interest in tattoos would be an understatement. In this blog we will look into places where a person can get a tattoo.


Inner Wrist

The inner wrist is a great place for a small tattoo and it has an advantage of being out of sight at work. In addition to this advantage, as a rule, inner wrist tattoos heal pretty quickly. Many people choose this kind of tattoo as a first tattoo to see if they get the bug for more.

Bicep/Upper Arm

You will most likely be aware that this is one of the most popular parts on the body for a client to get a tattoo. This area of the body is extremely visible, particularly in the summer when short sleeves are worn. However, much like the inner wrist, it won’t interfere with work as it is easily disguised. Of course, it isn’t a necessity to have to have huge biceps for a tattoo in this area to look good, but with some tattoos bigger biceps can complement the look.


Perhaps one of the most decorative places to get a tattoo, the design of a tattoo on the shoulders is especially significant. Tribal tattoos are common, as they have a distinctive and stylish look. If a client has a tattoo on the lower back then it is advisable to suggest a tattoo on the shoulder that is in keeping with its style.

If your client is stuck as to where they want a tattoo it is worthwhile reminding them that they will want it in a flattering spot, ensuring they don’t regret it in a few years. Of course, you will have your own techniques of consulting with your clients to create the best tattoo possible. As specialists in tattoo supplies, we are passionate about the tattoo industry, so if you are in the market for tattoo supplies get in touch with us today.