How A Memorial Tattoo Can Help Your Clients Move On


When one of your clients chooses to get a tattoo, you're helping them tell a story or mark an important moment. After all, that's exactly what the Tahitian word 'tatu' means. But some tattoos can have a deeper meaning and getting inked is becoming a popular way of memorialising a lost loved one.

It's a practice as old as tattooing itself - a centuries old custom in Hawaii, where death is commemorated with a tongue tattoo as a lasting reminder of the pain and loss. No one's suggesting you act as a grief counsellor, but memorial tattoos are proven to help people move on with their lives, so here are some modern approaches to consider.


Tattoo with Ashes

Popularly known as a cremation tattoo, in this technique an ultra-fine powder of sterilised ashes is mixed into the tattoo ink and then applied using standard tattoo guns in the required design. It's a deeply personal way to memorialise a loved one, but you'll need to make sure that you're both 100% happy with the procedure before moving forward.

Be Distinctive

Highly distinctive handwriting or a personal note can make a good design for a memorial tattoo, particularly if the wording is personal and motivational. The same to applies to a meaningful date that might be as personal as the day your parent taught you to ride a bike. Another approach might be to create a design based on hobbies or pastimes - if they loved Winnie the Pooh or collected stamps, some gentle questioning should guide you towards the basis for a distinctive and unique design. 


A tattoo of soundwaves representing the sound of a loved one's voice is a unique and very special way to memorialise them. Thanks to a new smartphone app, as a tattooist you can help your client create a permanent record of their loved one's voice to listen to as a reminder of their influence on their life. Nailing this type of memorial tattoo is highly skilled and takes a great deal of care and attention with tattoo guns but it makes a stunning design with a great deal of meaning.

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