Is There Truly an Age Limit on Getting Inked?


Whether you consider yourself a lover of tattoos or not, everywhere around the world we are facing the fact that tattoos are making their way into every society, from Henna to tribal to westernised portraits. The long-standing stigma against tattoos is starting to disappear and, whatever the generation, we are seeing everyone dabbling in some fantastic body art.

So, now that getting some ink is no longer ‘taboo’ is there such thing as too old or even too young to get a tattoo?


Too Young?

Of course, there are age restrictions on getting a tattoo due to health and safety reason. Plus, some may say that at a certain age you aren’t 100% responsible to  decide on what permanent image you want on your body. Perhaps most people will agree that you can’t trust a minor to make such a life changing decision, that they may regret in years to come.

Imagine getting a Justin Bieber tattoo as a minor. Do you think you would still love the pop star’s face on your body when you are 40+ years older?

If you ask many adults who had tattoos when they were much younger, they might also say that they wish they would’ve waited until they were mature enough to choose a more meaningful and relevant piece of art. The age limit is there for a reason.


Too Old?

Technically, there is no age limit for how old you are and get a tattoo, but the one thing that can make it much more difficult for the tattooed and the tattooist is the texture of the skin. When you are older we can’t deny that the tightness of your skin changes significantly, and this is just human form and nature. If you find a super-skilled tattoo artist, however, then this isn’t even an issue as they can work around it.

If you have reached this age and want to get your first ink, or add to the rest, then please go for it! You have probably dedicated most of your life giving in to what society has said is not taboo and if a tattoo is now on your wish-list, don’t let anyone stop you.

If anything, a collection of weathered and worn tattoos tell the true story of your life through art. Just look at Charlotte Guttenberg, for example, (Google her, go on); she has completely covered herself head to toe in ink, telling her life story, and couldn’t be happier. And at 67 years old, she now has 91.5% of her body covered in flamboyant colours and intricate designs.

What Does the Law Say?

The tattooing of Minors Act 1969 makes it illegal for any tattoo artist to tattoo you if you are under 18 years of age, and it is also an offence. If found that the artist tattoos a minor, the person who carries out the tattoo procedure will be prosecuted, not the wearer of the new ink. This is why tattoo artists always ask for proof of age!

In some places, you can get a tattoo at the age of 16 but you need parental consent. Make sure your parents approve before you go ahead. Even if you are of age and are 18, maybe check with your parents to make sure your new ink won’t scare them too much!


There will always be a constant argument of whether a person is too young or too old to get a tattoo. We think that whatever your age is, just think before you ink and consider the facts. Also, with the development of technology and the revelation of laser removal surgery, these points could be skewered. What do you think? What is your age limit on getting a tattoo? Do you have any advice for a younger individual considering getting inked?

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