Is Winter the Best Time of Year to Get a Tattoo?


Summer is a busy time for tattoo artists. As you’re probably aware, a lot more people decide to get a tattoo during the warmer months than during the colder ones. As soon as the sun appears, tattoo studios around the country see an increase in people walking through their doors.

Do you find business drying up throughout the winter? This is because people want to stay wrapped up and warm when it’s cold outside – stripping down for a tattoo couldn’t be further from their mind.

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Despite this, winter is actually the perfect time to get a tattoo. There are lots of advantages to getting tattooed during this cold and dreary season. If your clients aren’t sure, here are some of the top reasons to advise them that getting a tattoo right now is the ideal time. 

More Comfortable 

We actually couldn’t think of anything worse than getting a tattoo in the heat of summer. For many, it’s already an uncomfortable experience, made worse by the higher temperatures. This isn’t just true for the person getting the tattoo – the artists will also feel so much better doing it in cooler temperatures. 

Also, a tattoo needs to be covered for a while after completion. Having to wear plastic on your arm (or wherever) in the hot weather? Not pleasant. 

Healing Process

The more that skin is exposed to outside elements, the longer it will take for a tattoo to heal. This also includes sweat – this can irritate a new tattoo. There is less chance of this happening during the winter, as the body isn’t exposed to these things as much. 

The sun can also be harmful for new tattoos. Overexposure of sunlight can cause colour loss and cause a longer healing period. In winter, people are more likely to wear clothes with longer sleeves. 


Less Waiting 

As tattoo artists, you’ll know that your appointment books are jam packed during the summer months. Everyone wants a tattoo in summer and therefore getting an appointment is almost impossible sometimes. This is why it’s much better to get one during winter – there is likely to be a shorter waiting list. 

More Money

People are likely to have more money in the winter than during the summer. Apart from the expense of Christmas, more money is usually spent during summer. Holidays, festivals, weddings and events are things that cost money during the summer months – leaving less money for a tattoo. Plus, people often get given money at Christmas – making it the perfect time to book in for a new tattoo!


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