Mischief Managed: Would You Offer a UV Tattoo?


There’s been a bit of a stir in the tattoo community on the internet of late, and it all revolves around one simple tattoo that a fan of a popular series has posted on the web.

The tattoo in question is a UV Harry Potter tattoo that plays on an item that features in the series -  the Marauder’s Map. This magical map shows the reader a real time view of Hogwarts and can only be read if the wizard taps the parchment with their wand and says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.

It is this saying which is written in UV ink on the tattoo that has arisen on the web, and it is the use of UV ink that is causing many tattoo artists to shed their opinion on the use of UV ink in tattooing.

Is UV Ink Safe?

Although the tattoo looks effective, many people on the internet are concerned that UV ink has been used to create such a “magical” tattoo which is probably the closest thing Harry Potter fans will get to experiencing real magic.


Even some tattoo artists are condemning the tattoo artist for using  UV ink, but is it really that dangerous?

According to dermatologic surgeon, Joel Schlessinger, inks which glow in the dark such as the ink used in this tattoo can contain phosphorus if bought from a source whose reputation isn’t established.

On the flip side, if you choose ink from a reputable manufacturer, you reduce the risk of the ink containing this harmful chemical, and therefore the UV ink should be just as safe as any other ink that you are using.

Why Do People Want Them?

If there is so much of a risk that the ink may contain why do so many people want to have one?

Well, the obvious benefit is that a UV tattoo is essentially invisible until it is under a blacklight. This is especially attractive to those who are in a profession where they aren’t allowed to have tattoos on show as the chances of them being visible are minimal.


They also look pretty amazing when they are visible – who wouldn’t want a glowing tattoo?

With all this in mind, would you consider tattooing with UV ink? We think that they do look pretty awesome, but it’s so important to understand the risks that can come about with using UV ink over regular ink!

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