New Piercing Trend: Constellation Piercings


Los Angeles’ famous piercer Brian Keith Thompson is well-known for owning the Body Electric Studio. His extensive piercing expertise is world famous, as is his knowledge of piercing trends and which work best with your ears.

The new trend? Constellation piercings that are placed in groups on your ears, typically with a minimum of three. Although the technique isn’t new, it is becoming more popular now and the possibilities are endless!

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Uniquely Yours

Like stars in constellations, these piercings are placed in unique areas on your ears. You might not be happy with your first earlobe piercing because it’s not centred, which understandably makes you unhappy. As Brian Keith Thompson said to Refinery29, with a triangle shaped constellation “you can take something that you’re not happy with and give it a brother and sister, becomes something that you’re totally stoked about again”.

If you like minimal jewellery, you can easily have a beautiful constellation pattern of piercings. And if you prefer earlobe piercings to cartilage ones, the delicate nature of this trend allows for a lovely placement of the cluster without losing the aesthetic of your piercings.


Constellation piercings allow for a wide variety of completely different clusters of piercings. Whether you want a small constellation of three earrings on your earlobes or a bigger constellation that includes your entire ear, you are free to choose their locations. From loops to studs, each constellation will be as creative as you want it to be.

Bigger jewellery with smaller jewellery, Brian Keith Thompson says, looks like “a planet and a couple of moons”, and easily included in each design according to your ear size and shape.

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Care for Your Piercings!

Caring for a piercing is a long-term process, often taking up to five months. Making sure that your hands are clean before you touch a new piercing will reduce the chance of infection. You should always follow your piercer’s instructions on how to care for your piercing!

With the new trend of constellation piercings, you need to consider the number of piercings you get in one sitting. Piercer Brian Keith Thompson recommends a maximum amount of five piercings, as they will take time to heal. You can always add more to your constellation at a later date, when it’s safer.

As leading body piercer suppliers, here at Body Shock we are always excited to hear about new piercing trends. We provide a wide range of tattoo and piercing supplies of the highest quality for health and safety assurance. Feel free to get in touch with us to speak to our friendly team; we’re always happy to help!