One Year Tattoos: The Future of Tattooing?


Everyone knows that tattoos are a permanent fixture on the body; that’s why it’s important for both the tattooist and the person getting the tattoo to be absolutely sure that they’re happy before proceding. 

However, a new tattoo ink could change all that, and the future of permanent tattoos could be stopped in its tracks as soon as 2017.

But first, let’s take a look at why tattoos are a permanent addition to our bodies.

The Science Behind Tattoo Ink

The ink that is currently used by tattoo artists to add art to a person’s body is made up of molecules – like most things on the planet.


It is the structure of these molecules which makes current tattoos permanent. They are so big in size that the body can’t physically break them down any smaller, meaning they can’t be flushed from the system and are therefore remain within the skin forever more – unless removed by laser procedures.

So, how are Ephemeral – the company behind this new revolutionary ink – combating this?

Smaller Molecules

Instead of using inks which have these large, unbreakable molecules, the creators have come up with a new type of ink which consists of smaller molecules which can eventually be broken down by the body, and therefore flushed from the system easily.


Used in exactly the same context as regular ink, the Ephemeral ink can be used with a traditional tattoo gun and can create a tattoo which will last a year in the skin before being completely flushed naturally from the system.

Although a special solution can be used by a tattoo artist to remove the tattoo ink earlier, it is opening up even more possibilities for those who are thinking about getting a tattoo, but are worrying over the commitment.

So, What Are The Benefits?

Other than the obvious temporary nature of the ink, why should people be getting excited about this new ink technology?


Firstly, tattoos which are completed with this ink are expected to be a little cheaper than those created with traditional ink. Ephemeral has said that it hopes a “standard” sized tattoo will cost around £70 using this ink, although it hasn’t been specified what they class as “standard” sized… or indeed if this includes colours.

Secondly, it reduces the risk of people having tattoos done and then realising there is a mistake in them. This is often a genuine mistake during the design of the tattoo that neither the designers or the person has picked up on. Using this new ink, you can simply remove the area which has an error and re-tattoo over the area to make it right!

Lastly; it gives more people freedom to express themselves without having to commit to one particular design. People are always changing, and so are their tastes, which is one of the main drawbacks of permanent tattoos; if you like it now, what’s to say that you will years down the line?

We’re pretty intrigued at what this ink is going to bring to the table with regards to the future of tattooing, and we’re willing to bet that you tattoo artists out there are wondering how this will affect your work in the future too!

In the meantime, if you are in need of conventional tattoo inks or equipment, feel free to get in touch with us here at Body Shock! We have a wide range of products to choose from, so we’re sure to have something for you!