Oops, They Did It Again: Celebrities With Tattoos Of Ex-Partners.


The biggest unspoken rule of getting a tattoo is to never get the name of your partner inked on your skin. Well, at least not until you have been together a very long time. However, everyone thinks their relationship is destined to last forever, and our favourite celebrities are no exception. In fact, many of them commit this tattoo sin!

Love can make people do foolish things, including getting the name of partners tattooed on body parts, and then splitting up with said partner. A nightmare for most people, it can be even more embarrassing for those in the public eye.

Some of them hurry to have the tattoo removed, or alter it so that it reads as something different. Some people also keep the tattoo as a reminder of why it’s best to not make the same mistake again.

Here we’ll give a rundown of the celebrities that have had tattoos that, unfortunately, have lasted longer than their relationships.

Britney Spears

Back in 2004, Britney Spears and her former partner Kevin Federline both got matching tattoos to show how much they loved each other. Britney got a picture of a pink dice tattooed onto her wrist, whilst Kevin opted for a blue one. Announcing that this was a symbol of their commitment to each other, the couple got engaged soon after. Unfortunately, we all know how this story ended!

Heidi Klum

The model married musician Seal in 2005, a relationship that we all thought would last. Heidi certainly did, getting the name of her husband tattooed in large font on her forearm. Fast forward seven years, and the couple announce their impending divorce. Ouch.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela got the name of her then-husband, Tommy Lee, tattooed on her ring finger. What was once a romantic gesture, turned into an embarrassing reminder of the failed relationship. Pamela eventually had the tattoo changed into the word ‘mummy’

Johnny Depp

This one is probably one of the most memorable celebrity tattoo mistakes of the 90s. Depp had the name of Winona Ryder, his girlfriend at the time, tattooed in clear view on his shoulder. The phrase read ‘Winona forever’ as he clearly believed their relationship was to last. Unluckily, they broke up soon after, and Depp creatively had the tattooed altered to read ‘Wino Forever’. Probably for the best!

Angelina Jolie

Whilst married to actor Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie had his name tattooed proudly on the top of her arm. The couple, who married after two months of dating, believed that their relationship would survive the Hollywood curse. They were wrong. After a very public relationship, in which the couple often gave very public declarations of their love, the couple split three years later. Jolie had the tattoo removed.

Marc Anthony

Once proudly displaying the name of his wife, Jennifer Lopez, on his wrist, Marc rushed to have the tattoo covered up after their split. Choosing to get a picture of the Statue of Liberty where the tattoo used to sit, Marc has since announced that the tattoo is a tribute to his latest girlfriend. Ah well, probably more wise than getting her name inked on his skin!

As this list shows, it’s probably wise to think through (and then think again) before deciding to get a tattoo of your current partners name on your body. However, getting another tattoo is always exciting! Whether you’re thinking of getting a new tattoo, or you’re a professional tattoo artist looking for high-quality equipment, here at Body Shock, we supply a whole number of tattoo supplies for your tattoo parlours, including tattoo machines

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