Setting up your own tattoo studio


Tattoos have come a very long way in recent years and have developed into an incredibly intricate and varied art form. The sheer breadth of ability that many tattoo artists hold is simply staggering and the last decade has seen the idea of a tattooist being an artist become far more widely accepted. The popularity of tattoos and shows such as Miami Ink has helped to make tattooing a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down.
Thanks to this popularity there is plenty of work out there for an aspiring tattoo artist and jobs in tattoo studios are not the hardest thing to come by if you have genuine artistic talent. What about when you want to break out on your own though? When you want to stop working in someone else’s shadow you will need to set up your own shop and start building your own reputation. Below we have listed the steps that you need to take in order to get your foot on the ladder of tattoo parlour ownership;

Serve your apprenticeship

First and foremost it is important to serve out your current apprenticeship under an experienced tattoo artist, even if you feel you are ready you may still be able to learn a lot about the process and the business from somebody with experience under their belt. These apprenticeships can last up to 2 years but it is important that you use this time to establish a customer base and broaden your abilities by undertaking a number of different styles. During this time you can also begin to save your money and look toward a future as a business owner.

Find a shop


When choosing a shop to set up in location is crucial, a tattoo studio can only afford to be a certain distance from a town centre, try finding a potential studio on the main road into a town centre and you will hit the balance between footfall and low rent. Once you have drawn up a list of candidates then it is time to go and view them and check their suitability. Factors such as how easily they could be converted into tattoo studios should all be thought of before you commit. Once you have decided on a shop then the real work can begin, you must ensure that the shop fully fits all health and safety requirements and is easily cleaned.

Get the right equipment

Getting your tattoo supplies from a reputable source will ensure that they are all of the highest quality. This quality will translate into quality tattoos for your customers; people that receive quality will not only return but will also spread the word about your new studio leading to more work. As well as inks and tattoo guns it is also important to make sure that you have a constant reliable supply of other such items as stencil spray, ink caps, thermal paper and other essentials will see that you never have to compromise.

Market yourself

There are several ways that you can market your work but by far the best is social media which is completely free. Tattoos are an aesthetic pleasure and the hugely visual medium of social media is sure to raise awareness of your work. As well as posting pictures of each tattoo you complete you can also advertise offers and available times on these platforms to keep people aware of your business.

The most important factor in setting out alone in any industry is being honest with yourself and having a realistic business strategy. So if you are desperate to break out on your own and start building your portfolio then the steps above will help to make sure that your newest business venture is a success.