Soundwave Tattoos: Here to Stay?


Have you heard of the latest tattoo trend, the soundwave tattoo? Developed by Skin Motion, these tattoos are comprised of a shape of a soundwave that can be read through a mobile app. And the tattoos can be listened to! Currently in development, the Skin Motion app is set to be released in June 2017.

With pretty much any tattoo design available, now sound tattoos promise to revolutionalise the industry. Allowing for sounds to be drawn permanently onto the skin, they provide a new way of expression.

Tattoos have been around for millennia and will continue to provide an artform for expression for just as long, helping people to express themselves and their culture through ink, and now there can be an added dimension to body art thanks to this new technology.



How Does it Work?

Soundwave Tattoos are created through Skin Motion’s app. The audio is transformed into a soundwave and then played back. Tattoo artists around the world are being pre-qualified, building a community of artists who are not only excited about this new trend but also helping the industry to move forward.

Recording or uploading an audio clip to Skin Motion's app is all that's needed before a certified tattoo artist can ink the soundwave onto the skin.

What Can Be Uploaded?

Whether the audio clips are words, noises, music, or a combination, there is no limit to the sounds that can be transformed into a waveform pattern. As the mobile app can read and play back the sound, these new tattoos can provide a new and more intense way of paying tribute to loved ones who have passed away.

The creator, Nate Siggard, is one of the first people to have a soundwave tattoo, with his partner's voice saying 'I love you' and the sound of their baby recorded into his skin through waveform pattern format.

Siggard and his partner Juliana Damiano both have these soundwave tattoos, with Damiano being instrumental in their development. When seeing the tattoos two friends got of the opening line of Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer', tattooed by Siggard, she asked if it "wouldn't be cool if you could listen to the tattoo?"

Tattoo being made_1

The concept of soundwave tattoos was born from there, and they never looked back. Seemingly gaining traction in the tattoo industry, it's exciting to see a new development in how people can express themselves through tattoos.

What do you think of this new tattoo trend?