Tattoo and Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction


Getting a tattoo is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, once you have decided on something significant to have tattooed on your body, it can look really good.

What was once reserved for jailbirds and tough looking men has now become something that is a lot more mainstream. Both men and women of all different ages are now spending thousands and thousands of pounds, getting tattoos every year.

As a company who specialises in providing an extensive selection of tattoo supplies, we are pretty passionate about all things ink! We consider ourselves experts on the subject, which makes it amusing when we read a whole bunch of rumours and myths that are definitely not true. Using our knowledge, we have decided to acknowledge some of the most common myths that seem to pop up everywhere – and hopefully put the mind at ease for anyone who is worried about getting one.

Read on for a list of some of the biggest myths surrounding tattoos and the tattoo industry.


Myth: A Tattoo Is Forever

Once upon a time getting a tattoo meant that you were going to be stuck with it forever. These days, this isn’t the case. Due to updated technology such as laser tattoo removal, there is now a real way of removing those tattoos that you regret getting in your crazy youth years.

However, laser tattoo removal can be a long process so that this doesn’t mean that you should rush into anything too quickly.

Myth: You Will Find It Extremely Hard To Find a Job

A lot of people are scared to get a tattoo because they think it’s going to prevent them from securing jobs in the future. Traditionally, a tattoo would be a problem when going for a job interview – but this isn’t really true anymore.

Whilst there might be some careers that restrict what tattoos you can have on show, a lot more companies are more relaxed about them these days.

Myth (Sort of): It Will Hurt Too Much

We have labelled this one as a sort of myth as at the end of the day, no one can predict if it’s going to hurt or not. It’s definitely false to say that it will definitely hurt – it all depends on your individual pain threshold.

Some people claim that one part of the body hurts more than the other, but again, we have to say that it really depends on you as a person. What might hurt more for one person, may be a walk in the park for someone else.

Myth: All Tattoo Artists Are The Same

Just like all singers and actors are the same, right? No, we didn’t think so. All tattoo artists are individual and will have their own style and ideas. In fact, choosing the correct tattoo artist for you might be the most important aspect of getting a tattoo.

You should always meet with a potential artist before hand, so you can chat about your tattoo and check out some of their previous work.

We hope that this list has managed to debunk some of the most common rumours surrounding getting a tattoo and that you feel a little more reassured. Just remember that it’s a big decision and it should be one that is entirely yours.

Whether you are thinking of getting a new tattoo, or you are a professional tattoo artist looking for equipment, here at Body Shock, we supply a whole number of tattoo supplies for your tattoo parlours.

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