Tattoo Do’s and Don’ts


Getting a tattoo is a huge decision to make, and one that will last a lifetime. It is important to be 100% sure of a few things before you commit to the hot seat. For example, be completely in love with the design you have chosen and make sure it is a theme you will not regret at a later date, i.e. a partner’s name or a contemporary trend, have complete confidence in the tattoo artist you have chosen and be sure that they are the right artist for job, providing the style and quality you need.

Here is a little list of things to consider and a bit of information before you get a piece of permanent skin art.



You Get What You Pay For

DO Recognise quality! Sure, that drunk person at a party who happens to own a tattoo gun and is offering to give you a cheeky tatt for free may save you some pennies, but no thanks!

Tattoo quality and price ranges vary dramatically; and you will only tend to get a good deal if you are friends with the artist, but remember, you are commissioning a piece of personal art so get something worth paying a little extra for. Tattoo designs that have been personally drawn, rendered cleanly and will age to a colourful and high quality are not going to come cheap.

And if you are completely in love and happy with your new body art, DO tip the artist! It’s nice to show a little love and appreciation.

Be Original

DON’T act on impulse. Be sure of an idea before popping into the studio and enquiring, DO stick to your guns and completely be yourself when choosing a theme or design. Tattoos are traditionally thought to have to have a deep or ‘personal’meaning otherwise they are pointless, this is completely wrong. If a tattoo makes you feel good about yourself and you enjoy it every time you look at it, go for it!

DON’T copy, getting inspiration or ideas from a tattoo you found online or in a magazine is fine, take a print out with you but DO ask your artist to create an original design for you, you may pay a little extra but at least the piece will be original and uniquely suited to you.

If using other languages or symbols, DO make sure it means exactly what you want it to and it is spelt correctly. It has become increasingly common, especially in celebrity tattoos, that tattoos have been misspelt or misused to give the owner a completely different outcome than they originally wanted, a very gutting result and high cost mistake to get it removed or covered over.

DO make sure to speak to your artist before your appointment, keep in touch and discuss any queries or questions you may have, this will enable you to feel more relaxed and confident with your choice. And DO consider your lifestyle and job commitments; although tattoo discrimination is becoming less valid slowly in the professional world, some industries regard it more highly than others, so keep this in mind.

Whether you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you are a professional tattoo artist or starting your own body art business, Body Shock stock a high quality range of tattoo equipment and supplies to suit your needs and get you started in the creative tattoo world. Please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team on 01922 744088.