Tattoos in the Workplace: Are Opinions Really Changing?


More and more people are going under the needle and committing to inking up their bodies, and here at Body Shock, we love that people are experimenting with styles and making their bodies even more unique with beautiful art!

However, even though more people are getting tattoos, does this really mean that the attitudes towards tattoos (and therefore piercings and coloured hair, too!) are finally changing? After all the years of prejudice that tattooed and pierced individuals have experienced at the hands of some employers, we’re really hoping so!

Why Is It A Problem?

Tattoos and piercings aren’t seen as “professional attire” to many businesses, which is why many individuals hold off getting their tattoos until they find a more accepting company – or simply cave in and get the tattoo in a more acceptable place in their body which can easily be covered by their business attire.


It’s something that many tattoo artists will come across while tattooing; many will ask why the client wants a tattoo in a particular place, not just because they are being nosy, but often the design would look better on other parts of the body – and we’re willing to bet if you’re a tattoo artists reading this, you’ll want your art on show, too!

However, it’s not every industry that despises tattoos; in fact, many industries where you aren’t customer or client facing may have more lenient rules on tattoos and piercings, especially as you won’t be out there representing their brand. Even then, some may welcome the individuality that comes with a tattoo – especially those within creative industries.

Is Opinion Really Changing?

Although there’s no Government legislation in place to say that employers can’t refuse to give someone a job because of their tattoos – sadly tattoos, hair colour and piercings still aren’t covered by the Equality Act 2010 – there does seem to be a slight change in the tattoos in the workplace.

In fact, we covered the tattoo that Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has back in October. Mr Trudeau is one of the first world leaders to openly flaunt his ink – and that’s not to say that other world leaders don’t have ink themselves.


If people in places of high power are showing that having a tattoo no longer carries the same stigma that it used to many years ago, we’re hoping that more and more industries become more accepting of this beautiful art form.

After all, a tattoo isn’t going to affect how well your client can do their job, right? Watch this space, we’re eagerly awaiting universal acceptance of tattoos in the workplace!

If you’re a tattoo artist and need to stock up on equipment, feel free to get in touch with us here at Body Shock. We have a variety of tattoo inks, tattoo equipment and art supplies to help you out!