How Tattoos have Merged with Technology


Technology is rapidly evolving around us, and even the smallest improvements are making their way into our everyday habits – from coffee machines to google glass, technology has benefitted countless aspects of modern living. In this blog, we consider how tattoos are adjusting to technology too.


3D Printing Living Tattoos

MIT have designed inks that use genetically programmed living cells. These cells react to a range of stimuli to signal the tattoo’s wearer of various effects in the area. For example, some of the living tattoos light up when they sense a particular chemical or compound. This could be useful for sensing gas leaks externally or reacting to heightened temperatures in the wearer – signalling when individuals are experiencing a fever or illness.

These super-smart tattoos have been crafted from plenty of research. Current living tattoos use hydrogels mixed with nutrients and bacteria. The bacteria are programmed to react to stimuli, the nutrients feed the bacteria, and the hydrogel provides a habitat for them.

So far, the tattoos have been printed using a custom 3D printer which can account for the differences in this special ink compared to ink found in regular tattoo supplies. It is thought that this innovative and artistic research into living tattoos could provide important foundations in the creation of living computers in the future.

The living tattoo is the epitome of functionality blended with style; they could be the future of healthy living!

Invisible Ink Tattoos

These tattoos might have been around for a while now, but we think that could continue to gain popularity in the future. These are tattoos for working professionals who like to party – tattoos which are hidden during the day but come to life at the club, disco, or select bowling alleys.

Getting an invisible tattoo isn’t going to be at the top of most tattooee’s wish lists, however, as most people get tattoos to enjoy for themselves and to show to others. The benefit of an invisible tattoo is also its curse as there are few moments where an invisible tattoo is going to be viewed and enjoyed by the wearer.

On the other hand, they can augment pre-existing tattoos in interesting ways, and they allow some individuals to engage in an art form that might otherwise restrict their career. Perhaps one day we will see a combination of invisible ink tattoos with living tattoos.

QR Code Designs

Barcodes and QR code tattoos can offer individuals a link to a database – in most cases, a snapshot of someone’s QR code tattoo will send you to the world wide web, but it is important for the tattooee to understand how this works before requesting a QR code design.

For example, one football fan received a QR code on his calf, which linked to a video on YouTube showcasing his favourite moment in football history. Unfortunately, this video was later taken down, and now his QR tattoo links to an unavailable video. This is an example of where tattoos and technology have failed to merge, but there are alternatives for your clients requesting a QR code tattoo design. You should remind them to think about how they will feel if the link later fails to work or is changed, or you could suggest that they buy their domain online to link the QR to – giving them full control over the page that their tattoo links to.

Tech Tattoos

These tattoos are vaguely named, but this is because they still appear to be undergoing development. The aim is to find a way to computerise tattoos into transmitting credit card information or ID. By making our finances entirely digital, it is thought that individuals will feel safer. Similarly, the ability to access a person’s ID with the correct technology will make it easier for hospitals to identify individuals and care for them more appropriately and intelligently.

The future of tattoos are bright, so make sure that you are using the latest equipment with your tattoo grips and tattoo needles to ensure that your clients receive the best experience when they get their next tattoo. Our supplies are top quality, and we even offer free delivery on UK orders over £50.