The Best Swimming Advice for Customers


Tattoo aftercare is just as an important part of getting a tattoo as the initial design process. It is important that you stress the importance of after-care to your customers, especially in the case of swimming and other situations where their tattoo may become submerged.

Having a tattoo exposes skin during the initial healing process, meaning swimming is potentially a very dangerous act. Educating your customers of this fact is important for both their safety and the reputation of yourself as a business. Medical recommendations should also be followed post-tattooing.



Illnesses caused by swimming are particularly prevalent when swimming in the ocean. Vibrio bacteria cause many illnesses’ and even deaths every year, which come from exposing wounds to sea water in the warmer months of the year.

Though a swimming pool is less likely to have these deadly bacteria, it is still particularly susceptible to causing harm to a new tattoo. The advice that swimming pools should be avoided altogether is generally best for your customer's health, as it avoids any potential risk completely.


So, with the very real risk of infection, it is important that you advise your customers to follow the necessary steps to ensure they are protected in water following getting a tattoo. More and more people are getting tattoos in the modern age, so the right precautions need to be in place in order to ensure best safety practice.

Breaking the skin increases the risk of infection, no matter if it is a tattoo or a simple graze. Being aware of this is important, especially as healing times are very different from person to person and can differ depending on the location of the tattoo also. Tattoos close to genitals, near the knee or on the bottom are particularly susceptible to infection – primarily because they are more likely to come into contact with bacteria.

You should give the advice that a customer should wait at least two weeks. If there are no complications and scabbing has subsided, then swimming should be safe again. Prior to this, it should be avoided for safety.

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