The Coolest Ear Piercings You Can Choose From


The earlobe piercing is a common one; women and men have been choosing this particular piercing for a long time, with thousands of earring options to choose from. There are, however, many more ear piercings to choose from! With the helix piercing craze slowing down, there are a few more that are becoming just as popular.



Situated on the cartilage right above the inner rim of the ear’s ‘cave’, this piercing is shallow and has a healing time of approximately 16 weeks. It can be a bit painful but it’s becoming popular due to its trendy look.

Forward Helix

Done at the very top of the year, the forward helix piercing is one of the trendiest piercings to have. Whether embellished by a ring or a stud, it’s a quick piercing that takes approximately 12 weeks to heal properly.


One of the most popular piercings, the industrial piercing is also referred to as a ‘scaffold’ piercing. It involves a double piercing connected by one bar. The piercings are done on opposite ends of your ear, and the healing time can be up to a year or longer.



Another piercing that involves two separate piercings in your ear connected by one earring, the orbital piercing’s holes are closer together than an industrial one. These piercings can be placed anywhere on the ear, and they are very trendy right now.


Located just above the ear canal, the daith piercing is done on the inner cartilage and it requires a special type of needle. Although located in a weird spot, its popularity exploded due to it being thought to help reduce the number and intensity of migraines.


The oval-shaped cartilage jutting out from your ear is called the tragus. This very popular piercing takes around 16 weeks to heal and any jewellery can be used. Whether a stud or a ring, it will always look cool.



The ani-tragus piercing is located on the opposite side of the tragus piercing, and a barbell is the most common choice for the piercing.


Said to be one of the most painful ear piercings, the rook piercing is located on the cartilage above the daith piercing. Similar to the industrial piercing, it can also take up to a year to fully heal. The results can be very fashionable and trendy, however.


The conch is the outer part or the shell of the ear, and you can have an inner or outer conch piercing done. The inner conch piercing is done at the centre of the cartilage and the outer conch piercing is done on the flat surface of the outer ear diagonally from the rook piercing.


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